PE adventure swimmer Kyle Main to visit uninhabited Mauritius

PE adventure swimmer Kyle Main to visit uninhabited Mauritius

Port Elizabeth adventure swimmer Kyle Main will be visiting the uninhabited tropical islands of Mauritius next month but he won't need a boat.

Main a swimming and triathlon coach aims to make a pioneering sea swim from Serpent Island, 30 km north of Mauritius,  to Flat Island.

Together with another local marathon swimmer SW van der Merwe, the two will cover  20kms in deep seas characterised by strong currents and chop, passing Round Island before reaching their final destination, some 12km north-east of Grand Baie. 

"The waters off Mauritius are filled with wild life; rays, turtles, sharks and jellyfish as well as smaller tropical fish that live on the many reefs.

"The sea life, relatively warm waters and the obvious landmarks created by many islands make the swim ideal for swimming adventurers'', Main said.

The swimmers will be taken by boat to Serpent Island, a large barren rock, which has no snakes but is inhabited by rare birds and reptiles and beach at Flat Island, the largest of the Mauritian islands, which although  uninhabited today  was used as a quarantine station between 1856 and 1870.

Main's love for Mauritius was sparked on valentines day last year when he became the first person to swim from Flat Island, adjacent to the notorious Shark Pit diving site, to Grand Baie a distance of 21kms in 4 hours.

Now with van der Merwe, the two, in peak physical condition,  are doing this new adventure to raise funds for The Door Of Hope children's home, a national organisation that cares for abandoned babies.

"Door of Hope is always full and has about 66 babies in their care at any one time in their 3 Baby Houses. They want to develop a babies village to better care for these children and need to raise a R 3,000,000 to achieve this,'' Main said.

Main, who has earned a reputation for doing extreme first time ultra swims exceeding 20kms, spanned the Rottnest Channel off Australia in an African record time in June last year and swam the Straits of Gibraltar in the fastest recorded time that year - 2013.


Adventure swimmer Kyle Main on the completion of his swim from Flat Island to Grand Baie in Mauritius last year